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Ways to Upgrade Your First Impression of Your Rental Property

Property Management Blog First impressions often become lasting impressions. In today’s world, most potential tenants begin their rental search online – they can effectively tour your home, both inside and out, without even driving by. What are some of the main features of a home that can either deter or attract tenants? A little bit of work and a few simp...

Managing the Online Reputation of Your Rental Property

Property Management Blog In the age of social media and online rating sites, the majority of potential renters start searching for a place to live using some type of mobile device or desktop computer. By using popular rental sites or Google searches, they start narrowing the rental field without even seeing properties in person. This is why, as an owner of a rental propert...

Finding a Higher Profit Margin by Reducing Vacancy Rates

Property Management Blog Raising the rent on a rental property may seem like an easy way to increase profits, but reducing vacancies is a more effective strategy. While it is important to ensure that rents keep pace with inflation, taking some steps to reduce vacancy rates will have a far greater impact on the bottom line. Consider that vacancies reduce a rental property&...

What Rental Property Updates Give the Most Return?

Property Management Blog Does your rental property need some updates or maybe just some minor repairs? It’s important to keep your rental property up to date and in good condition without breaking the bank. But where do you start when thinking about updating your investment property? Here are a few tips to get you started. LANDSCAPINGYou don’t need to do a larg...

Curb Appeal Is Important - Even For Rental Properties

Property Management Blog It never fails to surprise me when I hear a property owner tell me that it isn’t worth the effort to improve the curb appeal of their home, since “it’s just a rental.” After all, it might just be a rental to the owner, but it will be a home for someone. For most property owners, the goal is to minimize vacancy time and attr...

The Importance of Curb Appeal on Rental Property

Property Management Blog    Today we want to talk about curb appeal and its importance for your rental property. There is a show on HGTV that’s called “Curb Appeal,” and it’s popular for a reason. Lots of times we hear owners say that they don’t want to bother with curb appeal because their property is just a rental. It might be just...

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