Tenant FAQs

Answers to your frequently asked questions


  • Am I responsible for paying my roommate’s share of the rent if my name is on the lease?

    Yes. If there are multiple names on the lease, each person is legally responsible for the full performance of the lease. This means that each tenant is equally responsible for the full amount of rent that is due even if one tenant fails to pay their share or moves out early.
  • Can I withhold my rent if the landlord does not do the repairs?

    No, not without a court order or permission from the landlord. If your repair requests are not approved by the landlord and the property is rendered uninhabitable due to needed repairs, you may be able to vacate the property and end the landlord-tenant relationship under a legal theory called "constructive eviction". However, you should always consult with an attorney before pursuing this option.
  • Can my landlord come into my property periodically just to check its condition?

    Yes. Leases give the landlord or their agent the right to enter the property to inspect it to see if tenant(s) are complying with the terms of the lease, make repairs. Additionally the landlord or agent may enter the property to put up "For Rent" signs or to show it to prospective new tenants if notice to vacate has been given or the lease is otherwise not being renewed.
  • Can I be charged pet fees?

    Yes. The landlord may charge extra rent, require a non-refundable pet fee, or increase the security deposit amount for allowing you to keep a pet in the property. Landlords also reserve the right to prohibit pets at the property or put size restrictions on the pet(s) allowed.
  • Does the landlord have to re-paint the property before I move in?

    No, the landlord is under no obligation to paint the unit each time it is rented.
  • Does the landlord have to repair anything in my property that becomes damaged or malfunctions? What if I signed a lease accepting the unit as-is?

    Some repairs are the landlord's responsibility while others are the responsibility of the tenant.

    Landlords Must:

    1. Comply with local building and housing codes
    2. Keep the unit in a fit and habitable condition
    3. Keep all electrical, plumbing, HVAC, sanitary concerns, and appliances he or she has provided in good, safe working order. It is tenant responsibility to notify the landlord of repair requests in writing except in the case of emergencies.
    4. Keep common areas in safe condition
    5. Provide smoke detectors

    Tenants must:

    1. Keep the rental property safe and clean
    2. Dispose of trash and garbage in an appropriate manner
    3. Pay rent and comply with all lease terms
    4. Allow no damage to be done to the property (whether damage is caused by tenants, their guests, or pets)
    5. Comply with all local laws and ordinances
    6. Replace batteries in smoke detectors as needed
    7. Upon vacating, leave the property clean and in the condition it was when you moved in. The exception to this is normal wear-and-tear


  • Can I terminate my lease with 30 days' notice?

    No. If your lease includes a specific termination date, you are obligated for the entire lease term even if you must vacate due to personal circumstances. However, members of the military who are receiving a permanent change of station are exempt from this requirement. If you vacate the property early and the landlord is unable to secure new renters, you are responsible for rent and utilities until a new tenant is found or until the original lease term ends.
  • I'm currently leasing on a month-to-month basis. How much notice must I give before vacating?

    Month-to-month tenancies have no specified termination date and may be terminated by either landlord or tenant with a 30-day notice as specified in the lease.
  • I don't want to renew my lease. How much notice must I give?

    If you'd like to vacate your property at lease end, you must provide a 60-day notice to vacate in writing.
  • What if I want to renew my lease?

    If a lease renewal is being offered, you will be sent a renewal document to sign approximately 90 days prior to lease end. All tenants and cosigners must sign this document.
  • Can the landlord raise my rent?

    The landlord may not raise your rent within a lease term. However, they reserve the right to increase rent at the time of lease renewal.


  • How do I pay my rent?

    For your convenience, rent may be paid online through your tenant portal. This may be done by credit/debit card or via electronic check/automatic bank draft (fees are associated with these options). Please know that the above options are only available online as we cannot accept electronic payments in the office. Additionally, rent may be paid by personal check, money orders, or cashier's checks. These may be hand delivered to the office or mailed.
  • When is rent due?

    Rent is due on the 1st of each month regardless of holidays or day of the week. For your convenience, a grace period is provided until 5 p.m. on the 5th of each month before rent is considered late and late fees are charged. Late fees will be discussed in your lease.
  • What if I move in on a date other than the 1st of the month?

    If you move in at any other time of the month, you'll be charged a prorated rental amount for that month with regular, full rental payments being due on the 1st of the following month.

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  • How do I submit a maintenance request?

    All non-emergency maintenance requests must be submitted in writing through our maintenance portal, Property Meld. Please note, if you don’t already have a Property Meld account set up, please do so here.

    Be sure to include photos with your request. Send as many details as possible so your property manager can quickly evaluate the issue and send the appropriate vendor.

    Also, please consider our list of common maintenance issues that can be easily addressed by tenants and don’t necessarily require a service call.

  • What if I have a maintenance emergency after-hours or on the weekend?

    If you have a true maintenance emergency after-hours or on the weekend, please call our 24/7 emergency maintenance line at 910.239.1475. Our maintenance service will determine if your issue is a true emergency and, if it is, dispatch a vendor to your home.

  • What constitutes a true maintenance emergency?

    • Loss of A/C or heat in extreme temperatures and it can't wait until the next business day
    • Any type of water leak that cannot be contained or turned off until the next business day. 
    • Loss of hot water when office is closed the next day
    • Broken windows, locks, or doors that cannot be secured until the next business day
    • Major storm damage
    • Clogged toilet if there is only one toilet in the home
    • Fire (call 911 first)
  • Troubleshooting Common Maintenance Issues

    • The circuit breakers keep tripping
      Check appliances to see if circuits are overloaded. Too many appliances being used at once - things like the microwave, toaster, curling irons or blow dryers - can overload circuits.
    • I'm experiencing electrical issues in part of the house
      Check the GFI button on outlets. Outlets with GFI buttons are typically found in garages, kitchens, bathrooms and patios. Push the "reset" button on the outlet. This will most often restart the electrical system. Sometimes there are multiple GFI outlets in a home so be sure to check around the house and make note of where they're located.
    • My garbage disposal isn't working
      Check the underside of the unit for a reset button, push the button, and try the disposal switch again. If this doesn't solve the problem, or the disposal is making a humming noise, please put in a service request.
    • My A/C or heat isn't working
      Check all circuit breakers during extreme temperatures. If the circuit breaker overloads, it will trip the HVAC breaker. Flip the breaker at least 3 times. Please note that during extreme temperatures, heat or A/C may not reach desired temperatures. Turning the system way up or down will not solve this problem and does not warrant a service call.
    • My smoke alarm isn't working
      Check to see if it needs a new battery. If batteries are new and it is still making a chirping sound, submit a maintenance request. Do not disable smoke detectors under any circumstances or you may be held personally liable in the event of a fire.
    • My oven isn't working
      Check to ensure that the settings on the unit are not preventing the oven from turning on or heating properly
    • I'm having a pest issue
      If you notice insects inside the home within the first 30 days of your tenancy, please contact us. After the initial 30 days, pest control is a tenant responsibility unless otherwise stated in your lease.
  • If my maintenance issue is found to be the result of one of the problems listed above, or not a problem at all, will I be charged for the service call?

    Yes, if:

    • The service provider finds the electrical issue to be the result of a tripped breaker
    • If there is sewer stoppage determined to be caused by the placement of debris in the line. Examples of this are toys, tools, diapers, rags, sanitary napkins, tampons, excessive toilet paper, or cat litter.
    • You report a maintenance issue that doesn't require service
    • You fail to replace the battery for a smoke detector or garage remote and a technician is dispatched to your property
    • You report damage due to a break-in and do not provide a police report


  • If my personal property is damaged by fire, theft, or in any other manner while I am a tenant, will the landlord be required to compensate me for my loss?

    No. Your personal belongings are not covered under your landlord's insurance policy and, unless the loss was due to his or her negligence, they aren't responsible for personal property losses.

  • Am I required to get renter's insurance?

    Yes, a renter's insurance policy must be purchased with a $100,000 liability minimum and proof of such must be provided before you move into the property.

  • My landlord sold my rental property. Can the new owner evict me?

    If you are a tenant in possession of the property, the law presumes the new purchaser is aware of your tenancy and requires them to honor your lease. However, the new owner reserves the right to terminate your tenancy at lease end.

  • What must a landlord do to evict me?

    A landlord can evict tenants for violating a provision of their lease, but must do so according to lawful procedures. If you do not pay your full rent in a timely manner, a landlord must make a clear demand for payment of past-due rent. If you don't make payment or are found to be violating the terms of your lease in another way, the landlord may file a formal summary ejectment complaint against you in court.


Thank you for your interest in renting with us! Please understand that the availability of a property is not guaranteed at the time you apply. When properties are posted on our website they are available, but multiple people may be applying for properties simultaneously. Applications are processed in the order they are received. You will be notified of your application status within two business days and applications can be transferred to other properties for up to 30 days if your first choice is unavailable.

  • How do I apply for a property I'd like to rent?

    You may apply to a property directly from the listing by clicking on the Apply Online button.

  • Do you charge application fees?

    Yes, we charge $75 per application which includes a $5 convenience fee. This may be paid online at the time of your application submission.

  • Are my application fees refundable?

    NO. Application fees are non-refundable.

  • Are there any other fees associated with applying for a property?

    Yes. An administrative fee is charged on all new leases and will be due prior to moving in.

  • Does everyone intending to live in the home have to apply?

    Yes, each person 18 and older intending to occupy a property must submit a separate application and pay all associated fees.

  • What supplemental information is required with my application? In addition to the application itself, each applicant must submit the following:

    • A copy or picture of a valid state or government issued ID
    • Two (2) years of verifiable rental or mortgage history. This must include names and contact information for landlords and/or mortgage companies
    • Proof of income confirming total combined gross income is equal to or greater than three (3) times the monthly rental amount.
    • Pet photos (if applicable). Please be sure to pay attention to any specific pet restrictions for the property you're applying to. Also, please be sure to carefully consider our restricted breeds list: American Pit Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, Doberman, Chow, German Shepherd, Husky-type, Malamutes, Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Bull Mastiff, Akita, or any other name associated with these breeds. Please know this list applies whether the animal is full breed or a mix of any of these breeds.
    • Every applicant must complete a PetScreening.com profile.

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  • Do you perform a credit check?

    Yes, credit checks will be run on each leaseholder applicant as well as cosigners if applicable. A credit score of 650 or above is considered acceptable for leaseholders and a score of 680 or above is required for cosigners.

  • If the property listing says it's available when I apply, does that mean I have reserved that property while my application is being processed?

    No. Please understand that we are unable to guarantee this due to applications being submitted online and the possibility of applications for the same property being submitted simultaneously. All applications are processed in the order in which they were received. If someone applies ahead of you for your first choice property, your application is good for 30 days and may be transferred to another property.

  • If one person in my party is the first to submit an application for a property, does that guarantee its availability?

    No. Completed applications from all leaseholders (and cosigners if applicable) along with all supplementary information must be received before an application is considered complete. Applications will not be processed until all required information is submitted.

  • The property I'm interested in is available in March but I don't need to move until June. Can it be held for me until my desired move-in date?

    No. Once an application is approved, you must set a move-in date that falls within 7 days of the property's listed availability date.

  • Am I allowed to have a cosigner?

    This depends on the property you've selected. Please carefully read the advertisement for each property of interest as information on the allowance of cosigners will be included there.

  • If I am allowed to have a cosigner, what information do you need from them?

    Cosigners may submit the same application and supplemental information as leaseholders. Cosigners must have a total combined gross income of four (4) times the monthly rental amount as well as credit score(s) of 680 or higher.

  • How long will it take to process my application?

    Applications will be processed within two (2) business days once all applications and supplemental information is received from all leaseholders and cosigners.

  • I'm moving from out of state - do I have to view the property in person before I can sign a lease?

    No. However, we do strongly prefer applicants to view properties in person before signing leases. If you're unable to do this, you'll be asked to sign an additional addendum to your lease.

  • If my application is approved, do I have to sign my lease in person?

    No, signing leases and all related documents may be completed electronically.


Please note: properties listed as “By Appointment Only” are currently occupied. Please be respectful of the current occupant’s privacy and do not visit these properties unless your visit has been scheduled and announced by Sweyer Property Management.

  • If I've found a property I'd like to see, how do I schedule a showing?

    Showings may be scheduled directly from the property listing by clicking the blue "Schedule a Showing" button.

  • When can I view a property?

    Available showing days and times will be listed once you click the blue "Schedule a Showing" button on the listing you'd like to see.

  • Will an agent show me the property?

    If a property is listed as "By Appointment Only", this means the property is still occupied or there is some other circumstance that requires an agent-accompanied showing.

    If the property does not state "By Appointment Only", it will be a self-guided tour with access via electronic lock box, and an agent will not meet them at the property.

  • What information do I have to provide to access the electronic lock box?

    Once you've selected a showing day and time, you'll be prompted to provide some information about yourself and your rental needs. You'll also be asked to submit a picture of your photo ID and provide credit card information. Please know you will NOT be charged for viewing a property, but rather this is a security measure we take should something be damaged or stolen during a showing.

  • What if my desired showing time isn't available?

    If properties are listed as "By Appointment Only", we may be limited as far as available showing slots. Please keep checking back if your desired time isn't available or make plans to see the property during an available slot.


  • What is a Residents Benefit Package?

    Go to the following page for details about the package and the benefits: Residents Benefit Package


Please be aware that Sweyer Property Management (SPM) will not have property owners contact you directly. Please verify with us before submitting any rent or deposit payments to anyone other than an SPM representative for these properties.  

Learn more about ways to spot scam ads here and here.

If you think you may have been scammed, please file a report with the local police. Scammers can also be reported to the Federal Trade Commission

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