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Why You Should Invest Your Tax Refund in Rental Property

As tax season comes to an end, we hope you were able to file on time and that you have a refund check coming your way. One way you may consider spending the refund money is investing in real estate. The housing market in Wilmington is on the upswing and purchasing and fixing up an investment property may not be as costly as you might think. Unlike the unpredictable stock market, real estate is a sound investment that will only increase in value over time. Professional property managers can help you not only select a type of property and an area of town, but assist you with preparing the property for a tenant. Many property owners have found that the best time to upgrade a property is while there is rental income. Even if your plan isn’t to be a long term landlord, fixing up a property while it is a rental will have it ready for the sales market when the time comes. Speaking to a professional property management company can help you make wise decisions and maximize your profit from start to finish in the rental process.  Read More

Ways to Upgrade Your First Impression of Your Rental Property

First impressions often become lasting impressions. In today’s world, most potential tenants begin their rental search online – they can effectively tour your home, both inside and out, without even driving by. What are some of the main features of a home that can either deter or attract tenants? A little bit of work and a few simple upgrades can put your property at peak desirability. Are your appliances and fixtures outdated? Has the house been professionally cleaned from top to bottom? Oftentimes some newer appliances and a fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference in the eyes of a prospective renter. Is the flooring in your home worn and stained looking? There are many inexpensive options for flooring these days that can make a home look brand new. Is the house fully carpeted? Solid surface flooring is becoming increasingly popular and is often easier to maintain. Are the walls bright colors or are they an inviting neutral tone? These are just a few of the things that you may consider when getting a property ready for the rental market. See how just a few simple and inexpensive changes may make your property one of the most popular rentals on the market.  Read More

We’ve Gone Mobile

Throughout the past year, we at Sweyer Property Management have noticed that the majority of visits to our website were through a mobile device. In our striving to make both renting and owning property a simple, painless experience for all parties involved, we decided it was the time to develop a mobile app. With the development of this app, both owners and tenants can easily access their accounts and potential new clients can see all that we have to offer. Not only can our tenants pay their rent through the app, but they can put in maintenance requests and both owners and tenants can easily find and communicate with the person they need to reach. With over 91,000 visits to our website in 2015, we are confident that the implementation of this app will not only increase that traffic but give your property the web presence it deserves and keep your property on track for its highest possible profitability.  Read More

Managing the Online Reputation of Your Rental Property

In today’s rental housing market, the vast majority of potential tenants begin their search for the perfect home on computers and mobile devices. Sure, anyone can easily put an advertisement on the internet, but how do you ensure that you’re reaching the biggest audience possible and that your property is at the top of the search result list? One benefit to using an experienced, reputable property management company is being able to take advantage of their existing internet presence. Experienced property management companies truly know how to make your property more visible, how to optimize search engine results and how to make your property more attractive to potential tenants. So how do you choose the company? Check out the company’s reviews – while a disgruntled consumer may quickly jump online and write something negative, a company with an overwhelmingly positive online reputation must be doing something right and hold the keys to online advertising success. See how a professional property management company can optimize your property’s online visibility here.  Read More

The State of the Rental Housing Marketing in Wilmington, NC

As we start making our way through 2016, many questions regarding the state of the rental housing market in the Wilmington area may come to mind. Will the market remain similar to 2015 or will it trend in a different direction? What makes the Cape Fear Region a great location to own investment properties? What are the most important factors to consider when considering purchasing an investment property? The housing market has been suffering, why hasn’t this been the case with the rental market? These are just a few of the questions that may come to mind when considering the rental market in 2016, see Dave’s thoughts on the subject here.  Read More

When To Hold On To Your Investment Property

When one purchases an investment property, it is often known at the onset of the transaction that the property will be sold at some point down the road. But how do you know when to sell vs. when to wait?  Read More

Owning Property in a College Town

If you own property near the UNCW campus, it is all but guaranteed you will have students interested in renting your home. This is a good thing - as long as there is a university, these students will need some place to live.

There are, however, several things to keep in mind when owning an investment property in a college area.   Read More

Security Deposit Tips For Rental Properties

One of the standard aspects of leasing your investment property is collecting a security deposit. The funds are collected at the beginning of the contract and are held until the tenant vacates and used to repair damages above normal wear-and-tear. Sounds pretty straightforward right? Not necessarily. There are laws in North Carolina specifically governing where a deposit can be held and what types of damages it can be used for. It is crucial expectations are set and that the condition of the home is properly documented prior to tenants taking possession to avoid conflict in the future. Please continue reading to learn more and see why the assistance of professionals may be key when it comes to managing the leasing process.  Read More

Four Questions To Ask A Rental Property Management Company

Deciding to use a rental property management company to care for your property is one of the most important decisions you can make regarding your investment. The even more important decision is choosing which property management company will best serve you and fit your needs. One thing that should be considered is their web presence – are they easy to find and reputable? Another important question is do they have a knowledgeable staff who can be trusted to make decisions about your property and give it the personal attention it deserves? Perhaps the most important question would be what do others say about them? There are four main questions one should pose when selecting a property management company, see what they are here.   Read More

Tax Advantages of Owning Rental Properties

As the end of the year approaches, the spirit of the holidays may unfortunately be overshadowed by thoughts of the upcoming tax season. However, tax season doesn’t have to be a daunting thought when you’re the owner of a rental property – in fact there are many tax advantages that come along with owning rental property. Any funds you put into repairing or improving the property may be deducted as may hotel and travel expenses if you live a great distance from your property. The depreciation of property is another great advantage as the book value of a property may decrease while you are in fact increasing your non-taxable income each year. Read on for more information regarding property ownership and how it could be advantageous when you do your taxes this year!  Read More

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