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How’s the Rental Market?

Property Management Blog At Sweyer Property Management, we are often asked how the rental market is doing around Wilmington, North Carolina. When I’m asked that question, I always consider three factors.  The first factor is occupancy; how many units are available to rent or actually rented? Then, I consider the rental rate trend; are rates typically goin...

Top Trends for 2015 for the Southeastern N.C. Rental Market

Property Management Blog   Today, we’re talking about some of the top trends in the rental market for southeastern North Carolina, and what you can expect in 2015.   Occupancy We will continue to see high occupancy rates in the market. As we approach the end of 2014, our company is sitting on a 97 percent occupancy rate, which is an all-time high f...

What it Takes to Maintain Your Investment Property

Property Management Blog     Today, we’re talking about what it takes to maintain your rental property if you’re an investor or a landlord. There are three events that occur when you own rental property, and you need to be prepared for all three. General Maintenance General maintenance and repairs pop up on a daily basis, and you will need a h...

How to Screen Applicants for Your Rental Property

Property Management Blog   Our topic today is screening applicants for your rental property. At Sweyer Property Management, we believe there are three specific criteria that you need to look at when you are identifying a good applicant.   Credit score   The first thing you want to check is the applicant’s credit. There are three national credit repor...

How to Set a Rental Price on Your Home: Wilmington Landlord Education

Property Management Blog Today we are talking about four pitfalls to avoid when setting the rental prices for your investment properties. Setting a rental price is one of the most important decisions you’re going to make in the ownership of your property. It’s going to determine the quality of your tenants and it’s going to determine how long it takes to ...

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