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Four Questions To Ask A Rental Property Management Company

Property Management Blog Deciding to use a rental property management company to care for your property is one of the most important decisions you can make regarding your investment. The even more important decision is choosing which property management company will best serve you and fit your needs. One thing that should be considered is their web presence – are the...

Tax Advantages of Owning Rental Properties

Property Management Blog As the end of the year approaches, the spirit of the holidays may unfortunately be overshadowed by thoughts of the upcoming tax season. However, tax season doesn’t have to be a daunting thought when you’re the owner of a rental property – in fact there are many tax advantages that come along with owning rental property. Any funds ...

Fair Housing has Tremendous Implications for Landlords

Property Management Blog A clear understanding of state and federal fair housing laws is critical to being a successful landlord in today’s rental market. It is often beneficial to property owners to have the assistance of a property manager who has a firm grasp on these laws. Fair housing laws prohibit discrimination based on race, color, sex, religion, handicap sta...

Finding a Higher Profit Margin by Reducing Vacancy Rates

Property Management Blog While raising rent may seem like the most obvious way to increase profits, securing a reliable, long-term tenant and thus reducing vacancy rates is the number one way to increase the profitability of your investment property. Factors such as a property’s proximity to life’s daily necessities, noise levels of the neighborhood, crime rate...

Owning Real Estate is an Effective Strategy for Building Wealth

Property Management Blog There are a number of options to consider when examining your wealth-building strategies. When you explore the true benefits of owning real estate as an investment property, it is hard to consider any other option. Continue reading to learn more about potential profits associated with investment properties as well as how to avoid some of the most c...

Five Topics To Consider Before Purchasing A Condo

Property Management Blog When you purchase a condominium or townhome to use as a rental property it can become a great investment.  However, before purchasing, you need to be sure that you've done your due diligence. Continue reading for five things that are important for you to consider before making a real estate investment purchase. Read More

How to Start Investing in Real Estate

Property Management Blog Investing in real estate can be a very profitable venture if you go into it with plenty of insight and knowledge regarding property investment. Consider the following tips and details before making your next real estate purchase. Read More

What to Consider When Self-Managing Your Rental Property

Property Management Blog Are you considering self-managing your rental property? Before you get started, keep in mind there is more to managing a property than finding a tenant and collecting monthly rent. It is important to understand the details and laws pertaining to property management. We have put together some ideas to consider before deciding to self-manage as well ...

What Rental Property Updates Give the Most Return?

Property Management Blog Does your rental property need some updates or maybe just some minor repairs? It’s important to keep your rental property up to date and in good condition without breaking the bank. But where do you start when thinking about updating your investment property? Here are a few tips to get you started. LANDSCAPING You don’t need to do a l...

Curb Appeal Is Important - Even For Rental Properties

Property Management Blog Curb appeal is so important because your rental property is a potential home to someone else. Great curb appeal not only helps you get the home rented quickly, but also attracts high quality renters who can visualize calling your property "home" for many years to come. Please check out our ideas regarding what you can do to improve the curb appeal ...

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