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The Importance of Curb Appeal on Rental Property



Today we want to talk about curb appeal and its importance for your rental property. There is a show on HGTV that’s called “Curb Appeal,” and it’s popular for a reason. Lots of times we hear owners say that they don’t want to bother with curb appeal because their property is just a rental. It might be just a rental to you, but that rental is going to make a home for someone. Your goal is to draw people into the home and make them want to live there by creating an appealing front of your house. 

Start with some simple steps such as cleaning up. You need to pressure wash the driveway and the walkways. Clear out any leaves and debris from the yard and the areas surrounding the house. Take time to do some trimming, mowing and edging around the bushes and trees on your Wilmington property. If there are any hanging limbs in front of the trees, you might want to trim those back so potential tenants are able to see the trees they’ll be getting with the house. 

Once the property is cleaned up and looking tidy, do some decorative items. You might want to consider painting the front door an interesting color. Experts say that any shade of blue is an inviting color for a front door. If your shutters are looking faded or worn, have them painted. Then, you can put a decorative pot of plants out on the front porch. If the weather is cooler do something sturdy like pansies. You want to include anything that will help to draw the tenant into the property

If you’ve got personal items out in front of the house, like a collegiate flag or other items, remove those before you start showing the property. You want people to picture themselves living there, and if those things that are special to you are still on display, it might impede their ability to do that. 

Remember that rentals need curb appeal. It’s an important thing to keep in mind, and it will make a difference in getting your home rented out quickly. If you have any questions or you need help creating curb appeal for your rental property, please contact us at Sweyer Property Management




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