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Get Your Wilmington Investment Property Ready to Rent




Today we are talking about what it takes to get your property ready for the Wilmington rental market. Keep in mind that renters are just like you and me. They want to move into a clean and working house that doesn’t have a lot of things that need to be fixed. They are probably stressed from the process of moving, and anything you can do to make the house clean, fresh and ready for them will be extremely helpful. 


The number one thing you’re going to do is finish your list of repairs and maintenance items that are needed at the property. Take care of any minor issues such as leaking faucets and sticking doors. You want to get those things done before you have tenants move in. 


The next larger project is painting. If you’re going to get ready to paint and you live in the property that you’re planning to rent, de-clutter the home and start packing your own things so they’re out of the way and you’re ready to move. If the house is vacant, take a look at every room before you paint. If you have the right paint for the current wall color, that works well. You don’t want to just touch up the paint because you’ll end up with uneven splotches. Paint every wall so it’s clean and fresh. There shouldn’t be any marks on the walls, and the ceilings and trim should also look good. Look for yellowing or stains that were the result of water leaks. It’s also a good idea to take this opportunity to organize the paint in your garage and throw out anything that you don’t need. 


Hire a professional cleaner because they will do things that you wouldn’t think to do. They will pay attention to the tops of ceiling fans and cabinets; they will clean the baseboards and the oven. You also want to look into professional carpet cleaning. Think about it as a sanitary factor. Your tenants might have children or babies crawling around on the floor, and you want to deliver that carpet in the best condition possible. 

Outdoor Areas

Outside, trim the bushes and the trees. You want to remove any debris and garbage, especially in places such as under the decks. Remove any ladders, grills and chemicals. Sheds and garages should be completely cleaned out and empty. The property has to be totally free of personal goods and delivered to the great tenant as if you are selling it. That way, when your renter moves in, you have someone who is happy with the property and they can unpack and enjoy your home while paying rent every month. 

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