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Tenant Screening

Extensive screening on all prospects

We strive to fill your property with the BEST tenant to provide a good experience all around instead of one that is stressful and frustrating. Our thorough screening processes and ongoing service ensure tenants are reliable and stay that way.

At Sweyer Property Management we implement a very thorough tenant screening process to avoid renters that will destroy your property, leave without paying, and cause a ton of headaches and expenses.

Listed below are some of the requirements and procedure we take as property managers.

Screen All New Tenant Applications– All potential tenants are required to fill out a rental application. The application must completely be filled out. Driver’s license number, social security, date of birth, current and previous address, current and previous employer, and references are included in the application.

We Run a Credit Check– Credit checks are run on all tenants. We do not recommend you use a tenant provided credit report, as they may only show you want they want you to see.

Verify Income– We verify the employer and income listed on application.

Once all factors are carefully considered, we confidently put our stamp of approval on an application. We also do not charge any management fees during vacancies so our interests are aligned to secure qualified tenants as quickly as possible.

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