Occupancy Preparation

When Your Rental Property Is Vacant
You Aren’t Making Money.
Minimize Your Turnover Time!

Sweyer Property Management is committed to
turning your property quickly and efficiently!

How We Prepare Your Property For Occupancy:

  • Process tenant move out information within 2 days of receipt of notice
  • Schedule move out inspection within 2 days of receipt of move out notice
  • Confirm authorization of standard repairs and utility connections within 30 days of move out notice
  • Complete move out inspection within 1 day of move out
  • Contact owners within 2 days of move out with our professional opinion of the repairs/cleaning required to get the property ready for occupancy
  • Standard repairs scheduled within 2 days of move out
  • Complete all occupancy preparations within 15 days of the property becoming vacant

Additionally, We Offer Services Throughout Tenancy To Minimize The Impact Of Turnover:

  • Biannual Property Reviews allow us to uncover and repair issues without waiting for vacancy
  • Pre-approval for standard turnover expenses reduces the amount of time needed in vendor negotiations

For more information on how our property management services can benefit your investment property, fill out the form on the right or give us a call 910.256.3031.

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