Investment Property Options in Brunswick County

Investment Property Options in Brunswick County

With Brunswick County emerging as the second-fastest-growing region in the state, it's no wonder that investors are turning their attention to its promising real estate market. While we've been successfully servicing areas like Leland and Winnabow, the expansion to Brunswick County opens up new opportunities for both investors and renters alike.

Investment Potential in the Bolivia and Supply Area

As we look at Brunswick County's dynamic landscape, one area that stands out for investors is the Bolivia/Supply region. This area is home to essential amenities such as government buildings, Brunswick Community College, and Novant Hospital. Not only does it offer a convenient location, but it also presents ideal rental opportunities for professionals working in these institutions and students attending BCC.

Rising Trends Along HWY 17 South and Carolina Shores

We’ve also seen a noticeable shift in the real estate market along HWY 17 South, with numerous subdivisions springing up. Additionally, Carolina Shores in Calabash emerges as a prime retirement destination, attracting those looking for a quiet, yet vibrant community. With a surge in retirees relocating from out of state, Calabash presents a promising landscape for rental investments.

Why Choose Sweyer Property Management for Property Management in Brunswick County

Sweyer Property Management has worked with investors and property owners in the greater Wilmington area since 1987. Our team has since expanded and brought on Mitch Volpe to bring professional property management to Brunswick County. 

Born and raised in Shallotte, Mitch possesses an extensive understanding of Brunswick County's neighborhoods. With his experience in construction, real estate, and property management, Mitch offers a comprehensive approach tailored to investors' needs. Whether you're looking to purchase a property for future relocation or seeking high ROI from an investment property, Mitch can help you formulate a sound investment strategy.

Brunswick County's rapid growth signals a ripe opportunity for investors, and our expansion into this region aims to meet the need for property management services. Connect with Mitch today to explore the possibilities and secure your foothold in Brunswick County's thriving real estate market.


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