Security Deposit Refunds

Sweyer Property Management Process and Policy for Security Deposit Refunds

For general questions on Tenant Security Deposits, see our Question & Answers page.

All deposits will be refunded 30 days after your move out date. Please do not call our office prior to 30 days to inquire about deposit refunds. All deposit disputes must be submitted in writing no later than 10 days after receiving the deposit or notice.

How Do I Get Back My Security Deposit?

Please refer to the checklist below when moving out to ensure that you receive your full deposit. Many cleaning/repair issues can be resolved easily and inexpensively by the tenant. Licensed contractors charge for materials + labor. All damages must be repaired before the move out inspection is completed to prevent possible security deposit charges.

  • KEYS: ALL keys/passes/remotes given at move in must be received in our office by close of business on responsibility end date. Your lease requires additional 30 day rent charge if keys are held past this date (even 1 day), regardless of lease end or actual move out. Key receipt must be signed by the actual tenants. If keys will be returned by occupants/non-tenants, prior written approval from actual tenant is required.
  • CLEANING: Property must be left in clean condition. Partial charges may apply.
    • Remove all trash and personal items inside/outside
    • Trash receptacles must be empty (and removed if tenant pays for trash)
    • Appliances inside/out: stove/oven/vent hood, refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, washer/dryer, etc.
    • Stove burner pans/rings must be new
    • Bath sinks, showers/tubs, toilets, floors, walls must be clean. Leave bleach in toilets
    • Light bulbs must be working and correct style for the fixture
    • Kitchen and Bath cabinets/ drawers must be clean inside/outside
    • Mirrors, light fixtures, ceiling fans and windows must be clean and free from dirt/dust
    • Walls, baseboards, doors, switch plates, etc. must be clean and free from holes, stains, dirt, etc.
    • Fireplace must be clean
  • EXTERIOR STORAGE: Garage, porches/decks, storage must be swept and pressure washed if stained with oil, rust, spills, etc. 
  • BLINDS/SCREENS: Replace bent or torn blinds/screens.
  • ICEMAKER: empty icemaker. Move arm to "off" position to prevent flooring damage
  • WASHER HOOKUP: If washer is owned by tenant, hot/cold water hookups must be completely shut off to prevent property damage.
  • HVAC: Air filters must be new. Grates must be clean.
  • PEST CONTROL: Treat known pest issues before move out.
  • CARPET CLEANING (mandatory): Carpets must be professionally cleaned at move out, without smell/stains/burns/damage.
  • LAWNCARE: Mow front/back yards, trim bushes, weed beds on last day responsible, regardless of move out date and/or season.

Important Notes

  • The contractors listed above offer 100% guaranteed work, assuming that all professional recommendations are followed. These recommendations are based on standards expected by Sweyer Property Management and required to prevent security deposit deductions. If a contractor recommends a treatment that is not completed, they may not be able to offer a 100% guarantee.
  • If a tenant chooses to use a Sweyer Property Management recommended contractor or another contractor, a copy of the PAID bill must be submitted at move out to document that the work was completed.
  • NOTE: Tenants may choose to use any contractor. However, if a tenant uses a contractor outside of our list who does a poor job, damage charges will apply if the work must be done again to return the property to its original condition.
  • Carpeted areas must be professionally steam-cleaned at tenant expense at move out after all items have been removed. A company that uses a professional truck mounted system is required. Tenants may not rent a carpet cleaning machine (inadequate cleaning, saturation will cause expensive damage). If carpet cleaning is not properly completed at move out, damage charges will apply based on condition.
  • Sweyer Property Management can coordinate discounted, guaranteed carpet cleaning to prevent possible deductions from security deposit.


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