Who is Responsible for what at the Rental Property?

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What Is The Landlord's Obligation For The Property?

  1. Deliver possession of the premises to the tenant at the beginning of the lease.
  2. Not interfere with the tenant's quiet enjoyment of the premises.
  3. Comply with current applicable building and housing codes.
  4. Make all repairs and keep the premises in good condition.
  5. Keep all common areas in safe conditions.
  6. Maintain and repair all electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and other facilities supplied by the lease agreement.

What Is The Tenant's Obligation For The Property?

  1. Pay rent on time
  2. Keep the premises clean
  3. Keep the premises safe
  4. Cause no "unsafe or unsanitary conditions in the common areas".
  5. Dispose of ashes, rubbish, garbage and such in a clean and safe manner.
  6. Keep all plumbing fixtures in the place of occupancy as clean as possible.
  7. Not deliberately destroy, deface, damage or remove any part of the premises or allow anyone else to do so.
  8. Comply with all applicable building and housing code obligations.
  9. Be responsible for all damages done to any property inside the place of occupancy, ordinary wear and tear expected.

What Is "Normal Wear And Tear"?

Common examples of "Damages Due to Ordinary Wear and Tear"

Common examples of "Other Damages"

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